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Reggie and the mutha fuckin full effect's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Reggie and the mutha fuckin full effect

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[26 Dec 2009|05:52pm]

I need to pay for a wedding, so please buy my stuff!


I have so much for sale!

Kidrobot Toys
BAPE Hoodies
Upper Play Ground Shirts
The Hundreds Shirts
Johnny Cupcakes
Pokemon Toys and Hoodie
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Starbucks Tumbler
Shirts and hoodies from:
The Get Up Kids
Reggie and The Full Effect
New Found Glory
Senses Fail
Fall Out Boy
Hit The Lights
Guns Up!
Just Surrender
My Chemical Romance
Alkaline Trio
Snoop Dog
Lil Wayne
Cobra Starship
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[13 Jul 2005|03:27pm]


Warped Tour Photos Of

Reggie and The Full Effect

Added To High Votlage!

Reggie and The Full Effect - click here for infoCollapse )

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Promotion! :) [05 Apr 2005|11:42pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey everyone, my name is Josh Hofer.
I do a lot of band photography.
I am here trying to spread the word of my photography website (corruptedlens.net).

I am posting here because i think we all share some, if not the same interests in music...
...and i am pretty sure we all enjoy looking at photos of some of our favorite bands! :)
At least i hope so! If not, then i apologize for this "advertisement" of sorts.

I have shot many bands, including (but not limited too)... Thrice, Flogging Molly, Codeseven, The Get Up Kids, Midtown, Matchbook Romance, Armor for Sleep, Thursday, He is Legend, Classic Case, Beloved (THIER FINAL SHOW!), Underoath, Motion City Soundtrack, Further Seems Forever, Murder by Death, Copeland, Braid, This Day and Age, Circa Survive, Forever Changed, Cartel, Stretch Armstrong, The Charoit, Lovedrug, Coheed and Cambria, Brazil, Funeral For a Friend, Piebald, Days Away, mewithoutYou... and many many more!!!

Made by Marshall (from Farewell):

Made by Laurie (from Laurie Shipley Design):

All you have to do is pick the one you like, then copy and paste the html code underneath the image and paste it where need be!
Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

So yeah, check it out!
Sign up and become a user!
Tell all your friends about us :)

And if you enjoy my website, please feel free to post my banner where ever you would like!

Thanks everyone!

Corrupted Lens Dot Net Photography

X-Posted everywhere!
Sorry if you have seen this a bunch!
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word.. [04 Apr 2005|11:12pm]

i'm new. i'm here because i like reggie & the full effect...common sense, no?

that sort of sounded like an AA introduction..
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[16 Mar 2005|12:53am]

if your a fan of coalesce
Bride Ordained's NEW songs from their upcoming release So Now Comes Salvation or add us on myspace HERE
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[04 Mar 2005|03:28am]

omfgz. new album is awesome.
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reggie in my dreams [17 Jan 2005|12:36pm]

I had a dream last night where Reggie was playing Warped Tour, only there was water everywhere and we were all on boogieboards. The band ended up not showing up, so James stood there and told everyone jokes for an hour.

I can't wait to see them in March! woopwoop!
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[04 Jan 2005|11:17am]

hi, i'm new.

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[13 Dec 2004|03:54pm]

toy_nostalgia if you want to remember the good ol days
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[25 Jun 2004|06:41pm]
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[24 Jun 2004|03:29am]
hi im new
i love reggie!
Favorite album is The Greatest Hits

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[12 Jun 2004|03:27pm]

Hi My name is mike and i have a radio show with my fellow dj Ilene. Its on kcrlive.com and its on every Sunday night from 6-9 its called kill the drama. Las trweek we had the pleassure of interview The Format and James Dewwes of Reggie and the full effect/The Get up kids. tommrow we will be aring thoast interviews and the two songs theat the format played for us. Sore Thumb and a new never before heard song that will be on there pcoming ep. so please tune in. and Two lucky listeners will be able to win a Acoustic Guitar Signed by every member of THe Format. all you have to do is be the 10th and 11th caller at the kcr station line after we play the new format song and you win the guitar. so every one please tune in no purchase necessary it is going to be a great show. and you can even call in and request a tune if you want. thisis going to be big a FREE autographed acoustic guitar by the format. go to
KCRlive.com and tune in on Sunday from 6-9
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[08 May 2004|06:26pm]

Rocky Votolato
Rudy Gajadhar
Andrew Hartley
Cody Votolato
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[03 May 2004|09:39pm]

What the hell, since when did reggie have a new cd or whatever? That snuck up on me wicked bad I didn't even hear about it until today. what the hell, why wasn't I informed of this?
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[27 Apr 2004|10:57pm]

Hello, in an effort to clean out my closet and get rid of some stuff, I have decided to put this Get Up Kids Shirt(size, Small) on ebay. please check it out.. Bid on it if you are interested.
I am also throwing in a cd called "Five Years on the Streets", which features Face to Face, Blink 182, MXPX, No Motiv, Unwritten Law, and many others. Also, will be including some Get up Kids, Alkaline Trio, and Saves the Day stickers. All of this will go to the winning bidder.
Thanks for your time.
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[22 Apr 2004|06:05am]

a few of you may have also gotten this either yesterday or the day before<3

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[09 Apr 2004|05:04pm]
greatest hits re-release april 20th
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Get Up Kids instores @Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey and Newbury Comics in Boston [03 Mar 2004|05:50pm]


Fucking around with taking a pic through a poster, of James, I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Read more...Collapse )
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[22 Feb 2004|02:30am]

Fudge factory comics
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[31 Jan 2004|01:51pm]

ok! this place is dead! so heres something. maybe.... everyone post pictures of yourselves. just to make things interesting!

MECollapse )
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